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How is this possible?

Leveraging Standardized Data

ChartLamp's founding history is equal parts experience, experiment, and serendipity.


Originally designed for billing, now reimagined as images. ChartLamp's patent pending system of mapping these codes is unique in the world.As one physician recently told our founder, "Sometimes it takes an unconventional person to come up with an unconventional solution."

J.D. -> Legal Tech -> LL.M. -> ChartLamp

Justin Collins, the founder and inventor of ChartLamp, brings a distinctive perspective to the legal tech industry.After selling Medical Record Retrieval and Summarization services to adjusters and legal professionals for more than a decade, Justin joined the 5th ever LL.M Cohort for Litigation Management.His comprehensive thesis on the HIPAA, HITECH, and 21st Century Cures Acts partially validates the strategic vision for ChartLamp.

Making AI easier to use

The underlying patent pending discovery is not machine learning based but, unlocks and enables the first visual layer for all the latest Generative AI tools.

Record Retrieval Options

Built by experts in medical record retrieval, ChartLamp is designed to seamlessly integrate with all retrieval vendors and document management systems. Your onboarding includes a free workflow assessment and scorecard to help identify any areas for improvement. Whether we're working with your staff, a current vendor, or introducing you to our preferred partners, ChartLamp has the expertise and independence you can trust.

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